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University of Sunderland Bursaries

University of Sunderland Bursaries

Sunderland Cash Out Bursaries / PayIt FAQs:


How do I get the Bursary?

Students must apply for the bursaries & Scholarships; they are not automatically allocated.

The closing date for applications was 31st August 2023.


For full information:

Bursaries: University-of-Sunderland-Bursaries-.pdf

Scholarships: Scholarships guidance | The University of Sunderland

Which Bursaries have a proportion that I can withdraw cash from?

The following bursaries only have a 20% withdrawal element. See guidance notes above for fund amounts.

·         Gypsies, Travellers, Roma, Show people and Boaters

·        Asylum Seeker or Refugee

·        Carer

·        Annual household income of £25,000 or less

·        'Home' 'Asylum Seeker' or 'Overseas Island' student on an eligible course


How much money do I get and how often?

Payments will be made on the fifth working days of November, February, and April each academic year, for the 3 years of your course.

You can cash out 20% of each payment, please refer to the below for full details and values:

·        University-of-Sunderland-Bursaries

·        Scholarship's guidance notes | The University of Sunderland

Do the cash or funds expire?

The cash and funds last if you are currently studying at the University.

How can I see the split of cash Vs student portal funds?

Click on the link on the StudyPlus student portal either in the Your Account Menu or the quick button on the main page (Highlighted in pink below)

How do I get the cash?

You can withdraw cash and spend your Study Plus funds on the StudyPlus student portal

To withdraw the cash element of your bursary or scholarship please watch the following video:

 Once you are logged into the Study Plus student portal, please click on the link on either the 'Your Account' or the quick button on the main page. (Highlighted in pink below)



Now, you need to enter the amount you wish to withdraw and select your reason for the withdrawal.

Confirm your email and mobile number. If these are incorrect you will need to click the contact us button at the bottom of the page, if correct, click confirm.

You will automatically receive a transaction number via email, save this transaction number as you will need it in the next step. Within 5 mins you will receive an email from NatWest PayIT, from the email, click start, then enter your transaction reference. Once your transaction has been verified via a 2FA text message, you can pay in the money to the bank account of your choice, via your banking app or by manually keying your bank details..

You can also find your transaction reference number and view the status of your transaction by going to Your Account > Account Statement. 

That's it! Your funds are usually paid instantly but, in some instances, can take up to 2 hours.

If you have any questions or need support, please contact us via email at ku/oc/nus-sulpyduts//ecivres/remotsuc.


What communication will I get?

You will receive an email confirming that your funds have been loaded to your Study Plus account. This is for both your Study Plus funds and the portion you can withdraw as cash.

After this, your Engagement Partner will communicate with you to ensure you are engaged with your bursary or scholarship, and so you understand the process of cash withdrawal and using your funds.

If you place an order on the student portal, you will receive an order confirmation and update on delivery of your items.

If you want to withdraw your cash element you will receive an email from Study Plus with your reference number and a second email from NatWest PayIt, that will enable you to pay your funds into your bank account. 


How long will it take to get the money?

If requested during office hours Monday-Friday 9am - 4.30pm, your request will have been reviewed within 2 hours. If requested during the weekend, it will be reviewed on the Monday. Once confirmed an email will be sent to you directly from NatWest Payit with instructions on how to enter your nominated bank details.

Once you have the email from PayIt, the process normally takes a couple of minutes for you to complete and then the funds usually transfer instantly but could take up to 2 hours (this is standard banking procedure). 

What is the minimum and maximum cash I can withdraw?

The minimum withdrawal value £20 (unless less than £20 is remaining, in which case you can withdraw the full value)

The maximum withdrawal value is the limit shown on your account. For example (highlighted):


 Please note you do not have to withdraw all your cash at once. You can do this as many times as needed.


What happens if I don't have a UK mobile number?

A UK mobile phone number (starting +44 7) is required to withdraw funds. This is because PayIt need to send an SMS to you to so they can verify your identity (2 factor authentication). You will not be able to withdraw your funds if no UK mobile number is given.

How can the email address or Telephone number be updated if it's incorrect.?

When you go through the withdrawal process on the StudyPlus website, you will need to confirm your email address and UK mobile telephone number.

If the information is incorrect, for security, you will need to contact us to rectify this, using the link on the screen. We will verify your identity by asking some security details and then amend this for you.

What if I forget my transaction reference?

The transaction reference has been emailed to you in the withdrawal confirmation email. You can find your transaction reference number and view the status of your transaction by going to Your Account > Account Statement.

I didn't receive my Study Plus website confirmation email.

Please check your spam or junk email folder in your university email account. You can view the status of your transaction by going to Your Account > Account Statement.

If you are unable to locate it, please email ku/oc/nus-sulpyduts//ecivres/remotsuc where your engagement partner will be happy to help you.

I didn't receive my PayIt email.

Please check your spam or junk email folder in your university email account

Please contact your Engagement Partner at ku/oc/nus-sulpyduts//ecivres/remotsuc who will be happy to help you.


What happens if my bank isn't listed in PayIt?

There are a few banks that aren't listed in PayIt yet, for example Santander. If your bank is not listed, you can 'Enter your bank details' (sort code and account number) instead of using online banking in this case:


Can I nominate a friend or relatives bank account to receive the money?

This is not advised, and StudyPlus take no responsibility if you do this.

What can I spend my cash on?

There are no restrictions to what the cash can be spent on.


What can I spend my funds, that I can't withdraw as cash, on?

You can spend your funds on anything that is available to purchase on the student portal


Do I have to withdraw the cash, or can I use it for something else?

You can use your cash element towards something on the StudyPlus student portal if desired.

Can I cancel my cash out?

If you haven't yet transferred the funds into your bank account, then it is possible to cancel the request. Please contact your Engagement Partner about this ku/oc/nus-sulpyduts//ecivres/remotsuc

What should I do if I didn't get my money into my account?

Please contact your engagement partner ku/oc/nus-sulpyduts//ecivres/remotsuc. Please note that we are unable to help if you have incorrectly entered your bank account details.

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