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Understanding who you are - Part Three Motivations

Understanding who you are - Part Three Motivations

What is your call to action?

Part 3: Motivations

Do you have goals you want to reach? If so, how motivated do you feel to achieve them?

How hard do you push yourself to achieve your goals?

We are not always consciously aware of the things that drive us, or why we feel that fire in our belly about something. Understanding what motivates you is a crucial step in discovering who you really are, what you are capable to accomplishing and finding meaning and purpose in what you do.

What happens when you know what motivates you?

It will be easier for you to make decisions and take action, you'll have a clear sense of direction, you won't be distracted by unimportant shiny things that fall into your path, you will be more resilient and able to persevere towards your goal, in short you will be more focused and successful.

Different kinds of motivations

People are a mixture of motivations; you can be extrinsically or intrinsically motivated and tend to prefer one type. But what does that mean? Extrinsic motivation means you feel rewarded and driven by things outside of you such as the people you surround yourself with, an event or an experience. Intrinsic motivation comes from inside of you, an inner drive that doesn't rely on anything external to keep you motivated to achieve your goal, you are driven because you love what you do, that is an end in itself. You do it for you, because it makes you feel good, it puts you in flow, in fact if you are intrinsically motivated, you'll probably be continuously looking for ways to stay on track and get better at the thing you do that drives you.

But how will I know what really motivates me?

What drives you is unique to you. What do you believe about yourself?

When do you feel motivated? What makes you feel fulfilled? Are you inspired by:

  • Making a difference to others?
  • Status?
  • Accomplishment?
  • Recognition?
  • Working with others?
  • By being autonomous and a trailblazer?
  • By being creative?

These are just some of the questions you could ask yourself.

Another question is to reflect on what you loved doing as a child? We all had something we did as a child just for the pure joy of it, not because it was practical or sensible but because it spoke to something inside of us, something authentic that really expressed what we loved doing and motivated us.

You can also look at what you have already done and achieved- what is the narrative, the thread that connects them and draws them all together? Connect those dots!

Daily rituals

Once you have identified your motivations, create routines and habits that give them momentum, that energises them and feeds them. These daily rituals will generate the emotions that will help you be more intentional about accomplishing the things you want to achieve.

The Power of Positive thinking

Become aware of your thinking and challenge any negative thoughts. Visualise yourself achieving your goals, mental rehearsal and affirmation statements lays down new neural pathways just as if you were actually achieving these goals. Affirmations can help you change negative internal messages motivating yourself to achieve your full potenial.

Go you!

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Understanding who you are - Part Three Motivations

By Anna Gordon - Certified Business Coaching Psychologist ABP CBCP

Understanding who you are - Part Three Motivations



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